About us

Grin & Bear Fit Apparel was established thanks to a passion for active living and lifting. A brainchild of hard work and grit. A local outfit owned and operated in Ottawa, the capital of 4 season recreation.

We're as obsessed with quality as we are breaking a sweat, and call us vain but we appreciate looking bad-ass while we do. This is why we strive to create stylish, quality and mean mugged fitness apparel for determined athletes who live to sweat and put in work. 

Consumed with fitness ourselves, we understand the grueling needs of athletes and all their endeavors. From borderline torturous WODs, a bear complex, to that satisfying 10km trail run, we live and breathe it too. 

Our apparel is designed to perform and outlast your hardest work output. Go ahead try on some new skin and put Grin & Bear Fit Apparel to the ultimate test.

From one fitness junkie to another, always Work - Lift - Sweat!

Claw your way out!