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We’ve all been there before, that dark place, a place stripped of light. Your mind attempts to deceive, it urges you to stop pushing. This unknown force pulling you further into the dwellings of your inner cave. A physical basement where only the strong, grizzly determined athletes manage to escape.

You’re stronger than you can imagine. The cave, the darkness that looms when self-doubt ensues, merely a frame of mind. Mental trickery you can easily repress. Trust in yourself, you can and you will, claw your way out.

Grin and Bear Fit Apparel is your determination, your will, your strength.

The sweat, the work, and your inner animal all part of your escape plan.

No cave deep enough, dark enough, painful enough to stop you. When your limits are challenged, personal bests attained and you’ve pushed through the cave, you’ve won. with Grin and bear you're more prepared for what tomorrow brings.

So we say; Grin and Bear it…claw your way out!